Traxxas TRX-4M Land Rover Defender 1/18 RTR Trail Truck, Tan

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  • Weight : 5.00
  • Model : TRA97054-1TA
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Introducing TRX-4M, a new way to experience all the fun, adventure, and scale realism of the TRX-4 in a 1/18 platform. TRX-4M bridges the gap between the small crawler scene and 1/10 scale quality and performance. Oil-filled shocks, steel frame rails, and a smooth running drivetrain give it true outdoor capability over rocks and through grass and streams. The tight turning radius and precise throttle control give it fantastic indoor maneuverability.

TRX-4M is the perfect size to fit in a backpack for fun on the go. It�s small, powerful, and maneuverable so just about any space becomes an instant trail or crawling course. Whether it�s a mountain of books indoors or a rock garden in the backyard, TRX-4M is always ready for big fun and adventure.

TRX-4M is equipped to take on tough off-road terrain with grippy soft-compound tires, precision-engineered 4-link suspension geometry, and smooth oil-filled shocks. High center ground clearance, big approach angles, and low CG give the TRX-4M impressive capability everywhere it goes.

A full 45� steering angle gives TRX-4M an exceptionally tight turning radius and extreme maneuverability in small spaces where every inch counts. A heavy-duty 2065T steering servo delivers powerful steering authority, even on thick carpet.

TRX-4M�s oil-filled GTM shocks offer smooth suspension damping to keep the wheels firmly planted on uneven surfaces. The added control also keeps the body from bouncing around on rough terrain for a more realistic driving experience.

The innovative clipless body removes and installs in just seconds with no clips to lose or frustrating hook and loop tabs. Tough, highly detailed ABS bodies feature molded-in color with a deep glossy finish that won�t chip or scrape off.

TRX-4M is the truck that goes where you want to go, without boundaries or restrictions. Only Traxxas� fully-waterproof innovation gives you the freedom to drive through wet grass, puddles, and streams that force others to turn around.

Detailed 1.0" Wheels
TRX-4M�s replica 1.0" wheels are authentic scale replicas with molded lug nut and beadlock details. TRX-4M utilizes a standard 7mm hex, making wheel swaps quick and easy.

LED Lighting
TRX-4M includes standard LED lighting in the front bumper. Add optional Pro Scale LED lights and your TRX-4M comes to life with functional brake lights, headlights, reverse lights, and even emergency flashers (Pro Scale lights sold separately).

Included 2s LiPo Battery with iD�
The included 2-cell LiPo battery provides 7.4 volts of high-performance power and over an hour of runtime with Traxxas iD� safety and simplicity. The specially-designed iD connector plugs directly into the ECM-2.5.

2-Amp USB Fast Charger with iD�
The included 2-amp USB-A charger provides fast and convenient charging almost anywhere. Traxxas iD technology is the easier and safer way to charge LiPo batteries. Just plug the iD battery in and the charger does the rest. When the LED light turns green, the battery is charged.

Clipless Body Mounting System
Traxxas� innovative clipless body mounting solution holds the molded body firmly in place no matter how rough the action gets. A quick pull on the hidden clips releases the body in seconds, with no body clips to lose, ureliable magnets, or messy hook and loop tape.

Molded Fender Flares
Tough fender flares give TRX-4M an aggressive appearance and protect the body from scrapes and damage.

High-Performance Tires
Licensed BFGoodrich� Mud Terrain T/A� KM3 tires on the Bronco are accurate down to the smallest detail with an authentic lug pattern and raised sidewall lettering. The Defender�s Canyon Trail� tires are scaled versions of standard TRX-4 rubber with aggressive lugs for dynamic traction.

Triangulated Four-Link Suspension
TRX-4M rides on a sophisticated four-link suspension with heavy-duty triangulated rods. Solid front and rear axles provide excellent articulation to climb over the toughest obstacles.

Heavy-Duty Center Driveshafts
TRX-4M�s heavy-duty center driveshafts telescope freely to allow maximum suspension travel. Smooth-running CV joints are engineered for long-lasting, trouble-free performance.

Spool-Equipped Front & Rear Axles
TRX-4M�s front and rear axles are locked with spools to supply non-stop climbing power to all four wheels. Tough, steel constant-velocity (CV) joints allow increased steering angle at the front wheels for tight turns.

Oil-Filled GTM Shocks
TRX-4M�s oil-filled GTM shocks feature dual O-ring seals at the shaft for a perfect seal and smooth performance. Tuned specifically for the TRX-4M, GTM shocks smooth out bumps for a realistic and controlled ride.

ECM-2.5 Electronic Control Module
ECM-2.5 features low voltage detection for 2s LiPo batteries and EZ-Set� one-button programming to select driving modes. Choose Sport Mode for all-around driving, or Trail Mode for smooth drag braking on steep descents. For a smooth scale look while creeping over technical terrain, Crawl Mode applies full brakes the instant the throttle is released and allows drivers to continue through to reverse without a second push on the trigger.

Low-CG Battery Tray
TRX-4M�s battery tray lies deep in the chassis to concentrate weight as low as possible. A lower center of gravity increases stability and reduces the risk of a rollover. A wide rubber strap keeps the battery safely locked in place and prevents the weight from shifting.

Optional Transmission Ratios
TRX-4M�s modular assembly allows you to swap out different transmissions to change the performance characteristics of the truck. Install the low-range transmission for smooth low-speed torque or boost your top end with the speed gearing option (Optional ratios sold separately).

Steel C-Channel Frame Rails
Heavy-duty frame rails are formed with a deep C-channel for maximum rigidity. The rails are taller through the middle section for increased strength where it�s needed most.

Forward-Mounted Motor
The Titan� motor mounts securely to the transmission module with a fixed gear mesh that never needs adjustment. The motor�s mounting position shifts the weight bias forward for improved crawling dynamics over obstacles.

Heavy-Duty Steering Servo
TRX-4M�s heavy-duty 2065T servo operates on full 6-volt power with a metal main gear for precise control and powerful steering authority. The rugged one-piece drag link sits high up in the axle to avoid snags and impacts.

High-Quality Hardware
TRX-4M rides on low-maintenance self-lubricating bushings for long-lasting performance. TRX-4M is assembled with high-quality hex hardware for long-term durability and secure fastening.

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