Iflight BLITZ Mini F7 V1.1 Flight Controller

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  • Weight : 0.10
  • Model : BF12000
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Top Features:
- Improved circuit design, better components and lower electrical noise!
- DJI HD VTX Connector (Plug-and-Play / No soldering required)
- FC indicator LEDs for visual debugging

- 2022/Feb: Version updated to V1.1 / Gyro changed to Bosch BMI270 due to availability & price issues with MPU6000.

MCU: STM32 F722
Gyro: BMI270
Barometer: DPS310
OSD Chip: AT7456
Flash: 16MB (Blackbox flash)
Motor outputs: 4x (SH1.0 connector)
I2C serial: SDA / SLA pads
Smartaudio / IRC Tramp VTX protocol supported
LED controller: Yes
Beeper pad: Yes
Firmware target: IFRC-IFLIGHT_BLITZ_F722
Mount pattern: 20x20 mm / 4mm PCB hole diameter, silicon grommets for M3 screws
Dimensions: 30.5x27 mm
Weight: 5g

Wiring suggestion:
- UART 1 for VTX HD / Analog
- UART 2 for a Receiver
- UART 3/4/5 for GPS or other sensors that require a serial port
- UART 6 for ESC Telemetry

1. F722 MCU has an inner inverter.
2. SBUS?CRSF?ELRS?IBUS?DSM ETC... can be connected to any unused UART_RX?we suggest you connect to Uart_RX2
3. Frsky SmartPort?Tramp & Smartaudio can be connected to any unused UART_TX?we suggest you connect to Uart_TX1
4. F.port can be connected to any unused UART_TX?we suggest you connect to Uart_TX2

Included Connectors (Plug-and-Play wire harness):
- 1x SH1.0 - 9pin connector for HD VTX/Analog VTX&CAM ?5V/BAT/G/VO/T1/R1/5V/G/VI?
- 1x SH1.0 - 8pin connector for ESC?R6/CUR/M4/M3/M2/M1/BAT/G)
- 1x SH1.0 - 6pin connector for any Receiver or DJI?3V3/R2i/5V/G/R2/T2?
- 1x SH1.0 - 4Pin connector GPS (T4/R4/G/5V)
- 1x SH1.0 - 4Pin connector LED & Beeper (BUZ/LED/G/5V)

What's in the package?
1 x BLITZ Mini F7 V1.1 Flight Controller
1 set of FC connectors (as above)
1 set silicon grommets

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