Furitek TEKO BRUSHLESS Combo for SCX24

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  • Weight : 0.03
  • Model : FUR-CB2082
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*** Furitek Esc is not compatible with HRZ00015 Board ***

The difference between FURITEK TEGU Main Board for Axial SCX24 and FURITEK LIZARD esc is that the TEGU has higher BEC value and is capable of running 3s. The LIZARD comes with lower BEC value than the TEGU and runs on 2s only.


Features Tegu Main Board:
- Built-in ESC FOC 20A, LED controller, Bluetooth (optional)
- Support brushless DC and brushed DC motor (config via app, default is brushless)
- FOC technology for very low speed in crawler mode with brushless motor
- Work with external receiver
- Built in BEC 5V-1.5A
- Super easy to use programing via App on Android and IOS
- Firmware update available
- Real-time telemetry up 10Hz
- Support 2S - 3s liPo

Features Motor:
14 Pole 12 slot hi-torque motor design.
High purity and higher temperature single copper winding --- lower copper losses, very good heat dissipating--maximizes efficiency.
Super thin (0.2 mm) stator laminations --- lower eddy losses --- maximizes efficiency.
Japansese NMB-- High RPM ABEC5 bearings.
Precision balanced rotor, smoothness for best reliability and maximum RPM.
CNC machined 6061 T6 billet aluminum heatsink can.
Precision engineered for maximum energy conversion.

Features Spur Gear, 12T Pinion Gear and Motor Mount:
Brass Pinion 12T 3mm hole for easy mount outrunner motor 2204
Aluminum CNC 32 Tooth 0.5 Mod Pinion Gear
Plastic mount support 2204 outrunner motor, 2030, 2040, 2345 inrunner motor...

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