CL Racing F4S V1.6 Flight Controller

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  • Weight : 0.02
  • Model : CLR-F4SV16
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*Note, on v1.6 the voltage scale needs to be set to 160 in the Betaflight battery tab.

Important Note:
Electronics are not warrantied beyond being dead on arrival.
If for whatever reason you have no time to check the electronics within 14 days of receiving them, then no warranty or replacement will be granted.
So please only order this if you have time to check for proper functioning within 14 days of arrival.
Claims for defective parts emailed to us after this 14 days period is up will be denied.

Technical specifications:
  • LiPo Input: 2-6S (5V-30V)
  • Power rail: 3.3v,5v,7.2v,vbat
  • 132A ( MAX display ) Current sensor with 160A PDB build in
  • 6 layer 2oz Copper PCB
  • Size: 36x36mm
  • Mount Holes: 30.5 x 30.5 mm
  • CPU - STM32F405RGT6 (F4 chip)
  • MPU-6000
  • Full SD Card socket
  • Build in 5V BEC 2A
  • Build-in User selectable 7.2v or 5v 2A Filtered BEC For camera and VTX
  • Dedicated Camera setting control pads along with camera power signal pads
  • Dedicated VTX connection with along with TX4 for easy connect and control VTX
  • Build in Betaflight OSD
  • 4 UARTS + USB (UART1 , UART3 ,UART4, UART6 ) (Pinout TX1, TX4,RX4, TX6,RX6 )
  • 5V LED strip output
  • 4 motors on each corner for a better layout.
  • Support RX: Dedicated Sbus hardware inverted, Satellite RX, Ibus,TBS Crossfire
  • Dedicated hardware inverted connect to UART3 for smart port telemetry
  • 4 in 1 esc socket with external current sensor input
  • Support TP and Smartaudio VTX
  • Buzzer pads for external buzzer

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