GEPRC Sparrow GEP-MX3 Purple 139mm Carbon Fiber 3mm Arm FPV Racing Frame

GEPRC Sparrow GEP-MX3 Purple 139mm Carbon Fiber 3mm Arm FPV Racing Frame

GEPRC Sparrow <b>GEP-MX3 <font color=\"purple\">Purple</font></b> 139mm Carbon Fiber 3mm Arm FPV Racing Frame - SNHE
The sparrow, yes, he is called the sparrow. The sparrow is small all-sided.

GEP-MX is a mini frame. We call it little sparrows, small and flexible. Sparrow best apply 3nch blade, there will be two versions. GEP-MX3(True X) is suitable for all kinds of action

Frame body ultralight use 3k carbon plate, thickness of 3 mm, combining aviation aluminum # 7075 fuselage, integral collocation, is very perfect. The pilot can be in a small space high-speed flight. Although small, but very resistant to fall off. It's worth noting that can perfect match RUNCAM Swift-Mini and Micro Swift lens. In order to let players precisely control their own flight Angle, our team used a laser carving scale, players can adjust Angle to his habit of flight, and we also radium vulture GEPRC anti-counterfeiting LOGO. Flight control pitch has two options, respectively is the commonly used 20 * 20 mm and 30.5 * 30.5 mm, The pilot can choose according to their own needs to be installed. Rack also equipped with LED taillights, available to the competition. Single stand about 39 g (does not include the electronic equipment).

Name: GEP-MX3 Sparrow
Weight: 39g
Wheelbase: 139mm
Props Size: 3inch
Size: 120*120mm
Main board:3mm
Other board:1.5mm
Flight Controller: F3 / F4 / Naze32 /CC3D
Motors: 1306/1406/1407/1408
ESC: 15A-20A
Propeller: 3inch
Battery: 3S 550-850mAh ~ 4S 550-850mAh

Aviation aluminum # 7075 high-precision CNC fuselage, very strong resistance to blast
3k carbon high strength plate to ensure frame
True X design structure
Can be perfectly matched RUNCAM Swift Mini and Micro Swift lens
The specially designed gopro, use cable tie can be simple to use
Aluminum fuselage protection design, can be very good to protect the Camera
Hardness YFS screws, 12.9 level
Set aside two flight control interface (20 * 20 mm and 30.5 * 30.5 mm), have more selective
LED taillights, essential competition
The laser carving degree Angle, allows players to precisely control Angle

Note: Camera in pictures NOT INCLUDED

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